Pure Green!

Pure green

“Look Blackadder, I have made Pure Green!” “Percy, it looks like somebody has sneezed on your ruff”. Now for those who have never seen this episode of Blackadder, watch it below.

This soap was inspired by St Patrick’s Day and the idea of making pure gold. It is a lime scented, green and golden sparkly bar to excite your senses in the morning. It is made with nourishing coconut oil for a smooth silky finish.

Now that you understand where the idea came from, here are the ingredients and equipment to create Pure Green yourself.

Ingredients and equipment:


  1. Start by measuring all your ingredients out so that they are ready.
  2. Melt your oils in a large saucepan over a low heat.
  3. While your oils melt, add your sodium hydroxide to your water slowly and stir thoroughly. Make sure you are wearing your safety equipment and are working in a well ventilated area.
  4. Once your lye solution is clear, allow it to cool somewhere safe.
  5. Also allow your oils to cool to between 20-30 degrees Celsius.
  6. When everything has cooled to the right temperature, place your hand blender in the melted oils ans slowly pour the ye solution in.
  7. Blend the mixture until you have a medium trace.
  8. Place the saucepan in the oven on its lowest setting and set a timer for 15 minutes.Place a baking tray on the very bottom of the oven. If there are any soap volcano’s or spills, it will be so much easier the clean up. Trust me!
  9. Check the mixture every 15 minutes until it starts to look like apple sauce. No need to stir unless it looks too uneven, it wont do it any harm.
  10. Once it has achieved the apple sauce phase, you can remove it from the oven and mix in your fragrance and colour. To add the mica, make a paste with a small amount of oil to add it to your soap.
  11. Place in your lined mould, spray wit 99% rubbing alcohol and store in a cool dark space.
  12. It can removed 48 hours later and cut into slices. The longer you leave it the better but it is ready as soap in a little as 1 week.

Here is a little collage of the process:

There you have it. Lime scented Golden sparkle Pure Green. It foams up so easily and shimmers in the sunlight. It leaves your hands clean and moisturised. A great way to start your day.

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