Hi, I’m Claudia!

Hello. Welcome to my soap kitchen.

A little about me. I started making soaps when one Christmas I decided to make home made gifts for a change. I enjoyed it so much, I just kept going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning and am no way an expert. But I want to share my experiences and product ideas with you out there that are just like me.

You will soon notice that I have two cats (Annie and Tiggy) who will probably feature in the photos from time to time. I aim to make beautiful soaps for humans and animals that are kind to your skin and smell and look awesome.

I have a section in my kitchen in a house in Suffolk that I often make a huge mess in. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it? 😁

On this blog I aim to provide recipes and final products I create. I will also have a hints and tips page of all the things I found helpful while making my soaps. This way we can have a little giggle at the mistakes I make as I learn. They do make funny stories and I can be very clumsy so watch this space…

About My Soaps

All my soaps are handmade by me in my little soap workshop. I try to create soaps that are more interesting than what you’d find in your local supermarket. Take a look at my shop to see the wide range of scents, colour and patterns that I’ve conjured with care.

My soaps are made from raw ingredients, so I know exactly what goes in to every bar. To make them suitable for everyone, you’ll see that my range of soaps are vegan, gluten free and palm oil free.

If you have something you’d like me to create for you, I’m always open to ideas, so please do get in touch!