Lavender Marble

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Warning: Before handling sodium hydroxide please research how to use it safely. Please wear rubber gloves and protect your eyes. Mixing the lye solution will give off unpleasant fumes so work in a well ventilated area. For more details please see this article at

Lavender Marble

Here is a Hot Press Oven Process version of the classic lavender soap. A soothing scent to relax you after a long hard day. Take a moment, lather up some bubbles and enjoy some time to yourself.

Ingredients and equipment:


  1. Pre-weigh your ingredients so that everything is ready to go when needed.
  2. Start by melting your oils and butter on a low heat on the hob or in the microwave for short, 10 second, bursts.
  3. While your oils and butters are melting, pour your sodium hydroxide to the water. Make sure you stir while pouring until completely dissolved.
  4. Allow to cool to 20-30 degrees Celsius.
  5. Using a stick blender, pour the lye solution down the stick. Be careful not to splash it.
  6. Then using the stick blender mix until you achieve a medium trace.
  7. At this point place it in the oven and set the timer to 15 minutes.
  8. Every 15 minutes, check the status until you see the mixture looking like apple sauce.
  9. Once you are at this stage you can add your fragrance and colour. Stir vigorously to incorporate the colour and fragrance.
  10. To create the marble effect, add the second colour but do not mixture as thoroughly. This will then leave swirls and pockets of colour that will look amazing when cutting the hard soap.
  11. Pour into your mould and place in a cool dark place for 48 hours.


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