Summer Fruit Synergy

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Summer berries come in so many beautiful colours. With that as my inspiration, I incorporated those colours with an invigorating summer fruit scent for this recipe.

Originally I was going to use the funnel technique but due to my trace reaching medium it wouldn’t pour cleanly, as you can see from the photo below.

Instead I opted for the spoon pop technique, this worked well and created distinct yet rough layers of colour.



  1. Measure out all ingredients and don’t forget to wear your protective equipment.
  2. Melt you oils and butters in the microwave safe container.
  3. While the oils cool, mix your sodium hydroxide to the water. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.
  4. While both of these cool, mix your coloured mica’s into 10ml of a light oil. Use a separate pot for each colour, this will make them easier to add later.Photo 01-05-2017, 20 44 00
  5. Once your oils and lye solution are between 25-35 degrees Celsius, add the lye to the oils and hand blend.Photo 01-05-2017, 20 43 35.jpg
  6. Hand blend to a light trace and separate into roughly 3 equal parts.Photo 01-05-2017, 20 53 23.jpg
  7. Mix your colour mixture into each of the separate containers with the hand blender to incorporate the colour completely.
  8. Add a third of the fragrance to each part and hand stir.Photo 01-05-2017, 20 43 21.jpg
  9. To add your soap to the silicone mould, simply take a large spoon and plop randomly. This way you will end up with a unique pattern and no slice will be the same.Photo 01-05-2017, 20 59 33.jpg
  10. Once complete, spray the top with rubbing alcohol and store in a cool dry place. Unmould after 48 hours and slice.

Here is the final product. I used my beautiful new soap slicer to get perfectly clean slices.Photo 05-05-2017, 21 03 05.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this soap as much as I did and please do comment if you try it or have created a soap like this.

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