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For birthdays, Christmas and general gifts, I like to personalise soaps for friends and relatives. For example if someone loves dogs, it’s a cute idea to make a dog shaped mini soap and have it set inside a larger clear soap with their favourite scent.

I, for one absolutely love Radley merchandise ❤❤❤. If I were to receive a soap with a tiny Radley dog shape soap inside I would squeak with joy.

I don’t currently have dog mold to show you that, but trust me, I am on the look out for one. I do however have flower moulds. Check this out…

Ingredients and equipment used:

These are a few of my moulds. The green flower multi mould and blue cupcake mould were used for these particular soaps.


How to make it:

Firstly we  need to make the little opaque soap that goes inside the larger clear soap

  1. Melt the opaque soap base in the microwave or by using a simple bain-marie. If using the microwave only heat for 15 second bursts as you may overheat the soap and it may burn. Smelly!
  2. Mix in your fragrance and your dye. Be ready to use the same dye again for the clear soap.
  3. Pour your opaque soap mixture into the smaller moulds.
  4. Allow to set for 24 hours.

Next we need to make the larger clear soap

  1. Melt the clear soap base in the microwave or by using the simple bain-marie. Again, if you are using the microwave, be careful not to burn the soap.
  2. Add a few drops of dye (no more than 3-4 drops to keep the soap clear, you want to be able to see the smaller soap inside).
  3. Add the fragrance and mix thoroughly.
  4. Fill the larger mould to about 3/4 full. This allows room for the smaller soap without hot soap spilling over the edge, ouch!
  5. Quickly, before the clear soap mixture starts to set, place the little soap directly in the middle and submerge it under.
  6. Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles.
  7. At this point you may want to hold it in place with a toothpick or thick needle so that it does not bob to the surface. This happened to me on the first one…. You can see the first one submerged and the following two bobbed to the surface. Like little rubber duckies!
  8. Let the whole lot set for 24

The final result is a see through soap with another soap inside. Mix it up and use different colours and fragrant for an exotic mix. Apologies, I took the photo before spraying with rubbing alcohol so they look bubbly.



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