In soap making there can a lot of equipment that you accumulate over time.

For Melt & Pour soaps, it’s as easy as a bowl and a mould.

For hot press soaps using lye, it gets a little more complicated.

Here is a list of all the equipment I have used so far and where to buy them. I will keep adding to this list as my collection of equipment inevitably gets bigger…. Gosh where am I going to put it all…🤔

Melt & Pour base:



  • Bee Beautiful Cosmetic Colours
    • Yellow, Orange, Blue, Cranberry Red, Green & Pink
  • Food Colours – generic (I have used supermarket food colour from the bakery aisle but found that the cosmetic dye colour is much richer and you have to use much less. If you can only get food colour at the moment, add a few more drops than you would expect).




Heating equipment: